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Alarm Systems

Rising intrusion threats and dire consequences of such invasion make its imperative for business and home owners to look for the appropriate security solutions to keep their premises safe. No wonder, a lot of New Yorkers are going for security alarm systems which provide a simple and cost effective remedy against forced intrusion in homes as well as commercial establishments.
Present day alarm systems improve the security of any premises in two pronged way. They not only work as deterrent by producing loud noise, forcing the intruder to flee but also alert owners or security agencies. With significant advances in surveillance and security technology, various features such as motion sensors, glass break detectors, alarm screens for windows and even pressure mats, can be used in combination with simple alarm systems for better security.
At NIT Infrastructure, we believe that the security needs of different buildings and premises are also different. That is why we send a team of expert technicians to assess, install and service the most suitable wired or wireless Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems in order to ensure that your property is as secure as possible.
Ranging from the small self-contained systems to the complex multi-zoned systems, NIT Infrastructure offers the latest and the most efficient alarm systems including Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors as well as vibration, Passive Magnetic Field, E-Field, ultrasonic, Photo-Electric and Microwave sensors and detectors, window and door contacts, window break sensors, pressure mats, panic buttons, alarm screens and various kinds of control units to match your specific security needs. We work with all major alarm system manufacturers to provide the most secure, user friendly and reliable alarm systems to our clients.