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CCTV, Access control, Alarm

As security products continue to shift towards IP based solutions it is increasingly necessary to capitalize on network technology in order to benefit from the most advanced security technology on the market. Because NIT Infrastructure possesses a fundamental understanding of network infrastructure technology based on years of industry experience installing and servicing networks, we have been able to provide an unmatched level ...

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Alarm Systems

Rising intrusion threats and dire consequences of such invasion make its imperative for business and home owners to look for the appropriate security solutions to keep their premises safe. No wonder, a lot of New Yorkers are going for security alarm systems which provide a simple and cost effective remedy against forced intrusion in homes as well as commercial establishments. ...

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NIT Infrastructure's highly trained technicians and engineers provide custom network solutions based on your company's bandwidth, network and budgetary requirements while taking into consideration factors such as the future growth of your company and potential technological developments. Our networks will interface with any existing or future networking applications, ensuring that your network will never slow your business down ...

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NIT Infrastructure has partnered with a wide range of communication companies to offer an array of turnkey solution that enable partners to leverage the right product for the right customer. We are one of the few companies that plan, install, upgrade, integrate and service every aspect of both the cutting edge Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems and the more traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems as well as providing Hybrid Systems ...

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