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Audio/Video Intercoms

When it comes to safety of your New York home, doorbells and buzzers are simply not enough. Amongst growing safety concerns, it is no more a secret that audio/video Intercoms can improve the overall safety of your home or business by letting you to know who is at the door before you decide whether you want to open the door or call the police.

Working of a video intercom is simple, as a camera unit is mounted outside the entrance door (or designated area) and the image it catches is displayed on a monitor installed inside your home or office. It springs into action as soon as someone presses the call button on the outside video intercom unit or rings the doorbell. You can look over the persons outside and also talk to them without having to get up and open the door, exposing yourself to unsolicited visitors, in the process.

Many latest video intercom units have built-in memory that keeps a record of the images of visitors who ring the buzzer along with time and date stamp. In addition, certain high end intercoms come with an inbuilt open button that allows you to unlock your door to permit visitors in.

NIT infrastructure technical experts suggest audio/video intercoms according to your specific needs and budget. Basic intercoms show black and white images while more expensive intercoms are colored with features of a surveillance system such as built-in infrared lights to see even in dark. There are systems that even come with manual turn on button in case the visitor decides to knock rather than ring the doorbell.