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Doorbell Buzzer System

Gone are the days when doorbells and buzzers used to be enough for New York offices, and homes. Now more and more people go for New York door buzzers for improved security and convenience it offers at an affordable price. The front door buzzer systems are often integrated with audio/video intercom and other security systems for seamless safety.

Also known as annunciators, Doorbell Buzzer systems have been around for quite some time and mostly used for those entrances where remote opening is vital for security as it can be programmed to allow access after identity verification. This electronic system announces a visitor before they can be verified and allowed entry by button or remote control eliminating the need for anyone to be at the door to grant entry to a visitor, further amplifying the security.

When it comes to making your premises secure, no stone should be left unturned. Our licensed NIT Infrastructure security technician will demonstrate how door buzzer, intercom, and other electronic devices could help you make your business or home as safe as possible.

At NIT Infrastructure, we employ latest, state-of-the-art equipment and certified and experienced professionals who are experts in entry, security, buzzer and intercom systems to ensure that your home and office security is most suitable to your needs. Give us a call and our licensed NIT Infrastructure security technician will visit your premises for a no obligation, on-site consultation and give you free quote. You will be surprised how affordable and effective these systems can be.