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Phone Entry System

Installing the latest security system is not always feasible, especially in old commercial and residential buildings. In such cases, phone entry systems provide perfect solution for screening visitors entering a building. Despite its simplicity, this system has proven extremely effective in enhancing the security of numerous buildings across America.

The technology of the phone entry system is quite similar the highly popular intercom system except for the fact that rather than connecting the visitor with the building's internal intercom setup, it places the call directly to the concerned person's mobile or landline number. With the option to choose between audio intercom and audio plus video intercom, it is now possible for you to decide the level of security you want without overstepping your budget.

We at NIT Infrastructure believe in providing cost effective and reliable security solution to all our clients to suit their special needs. That is why we employ expert technicians, who are well versed with not only the installation of phone entry systems, but also their troubleshooting and maintenance issues. Since client satisfaction is centre of our focus as well as our primary goal, trained and experienced NIT Infrastructure security technicians are always willing to answer all your queries and advice the best security solutions for your specific needs.

The expert technicians at NIT Infrastructure will offer you the most appropriate solution for your security concerns based on their assessment of the premises after a personal visit. Affordability, quick installation and reliable after services of our security systems never fail to please our clients who often wonder why they did not go for it earlier.